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Richard Addante

Assistant Professor, Cal State San Bernadino
Ph.D. from UC Davis, 2011

Mariam Aly

Assistant Professor, Columbia University
Ph.D. from UC Davis, 2013

Craig Brozinksy

Scientist, Exponent Failure Analysis Associates
Ph.D. from UC Davis, 2007
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Rachel Diana

Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
PPh.D. from Carnegie Mellon University, 2006

Ian Dobbins

Professor, Washington University in St. Louis
Ph.D. from UC Davis

Kane Elfman

Senior Software Engineer, if(we) in San Francisco, CA
Ph.D from UC Davis, 2013
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Iain Harlow

VP of Science, Cerego in San Francisco, CA
Ph.D. from UC Davis, 2013
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Debbie Hannula

Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Ph.D. from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2005

Joe Hopfinger

Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ph.D. from UC Davis, 1998

Julie Jorgenson

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Davis, CA
Masters from Western Seminary, 2010

Mark Kishiyama

Research Scientist at California Department of Public Health
PH.D. from UC Davis, 2004
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Justin Knight

Data Science Fellow, Springboard in Atlanta, GA
Ph.D. from University of Georgia, 2012

Josh Koen

Postdoc, University of Texas, Dallas
Ph.D. from UC Davis, 2013

Michele Lazzara

Director of Administrative Operations, University of Illinois
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Linda Murray

Ph.D. from UC Davis, 2008
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Eric Nolan

Senior Program Development Manager, BrawnyBrains
Ph.D. from UC Davis, 2009
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Jason Ozubko

Assistant Professor, Geneseo in New York
PhD. from University of Waterloo, 2011

Colleen Parks

Associate Professor, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology, 2004

Mike Petzold

Masters Student at Sacrament State University
B.S from UC Davis, 2013

Joel Quamme

Associate Professor, Grand Valley State University
Ph.D. from UC Davis, 2004

Maureen Ritchey

Assistant Professor, Boston College
Ph.D. from Duke University, 2011

Tali Sharot

Associate Professor, University College London
Ph.D. from New York University, 2006

Wei-chun Wang

Postdoc, Duke University
Ph.D. from UC Davis, 2013

Weiwei Zhang

Assistant Professor, UC Riverside
Ph.D. from University of Iowa, 2007