Welcome to the website of the UC Davis Human Memory Lab, where we aim to understand how memory works, and why it often fails. Our research examines many factors that influence memory such as stress, aging, and injury.

Alongside behavioral research, we also investigate the brain networks involved in memory using neuroimaging methods such as fMRI. Our imaging studies aim to understand the neural changes in individuals with memory problems related to medical conditions such as stroke and cardiac arrest.


We would like to welcome Michelle Ramey, the Human Memory Lab’s newest grad student. Michelle joins us from UC Berkeley,  and is currently interested in lifestyle factors that influence memory and cognition. You can find out more about Michelle and the other research staff here.

Congratulations to the HML undergrads that gave successful presentations at the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference. This year we saw four outstanding research assistants develop and run their own experiments, and we are excited to see the results! Please check out the research assistant page here to see more on their research.

We are currently accepting applications for undergraduate research assistants for the Summer 2017 quarter and beyond. You can find more on our application process at the following link here .