Andrew Yonelinas

Professor, Human Memory Lab Director

Ph.D. from McMaster University, 1995

Email: apyonelinas(at)ucdavis(dot)edu

Research Interests

Dr. Yonelinas is examining the processes underlying human memory. In order to characterize the functional nature of different memory processes he is currently using implicit and explicit tests as well as several ‘second generation’ procedures such as the process dissociation procedure, the independence remember/know procedure, and ROC modeling procedure. In order to determine the neural substrates of memory encoding and retrieval processes he is i) examining memory impaired patients such as amnesics and Alzheimer’s patients, and ii) examining the physiological correlates of memory processes using neuroimaging techniques such as event related potentials and function magnetic resonance imaging. The goal of this work is to develop and test models of memory that address recent behavioral, neuropsychological and brain imaging data. Other research interests include studying action slips (i.e., habitual actions that interrupt intended actions) and examining the relationship between performance and conscious awareness.

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